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Complexity Reduction in Mass Customization To Facilitate Better Decision Support

J. Banerjee, M. Mundale, A. Sachche, and C. McComb
2019, ASME 2019 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference

Mass customization provides a way to satisfy an increasing number of customers by tailoring product details to their preferences. Moreover, there is a considerable amount of pressure on industries that embrace mass customization in their product portfolios to consistently produce innovative and market defining technology. To ease this pressure, this study offers organizations a perspective on what combination of attributes is most influential on choice when approaching decision support for the purchase of a Configure-to-Order product. Laptops are used here as a case study, but the approach is generalizable to any family of products. This approach first uses metrics gained from a modified conjoint analysis applied to data gathered from a student consumer base. Customer satisfaction is measured as a function of how many product offerings are provided, identifying and quantifying a trade-off between customizability and consumer satisfaction. This aims to cater to the requirements of the consumer base and key business advantages allowing for greater usability and maximum profits.