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Towards the Rapid Design of Engineered Systems Through Deep Neural Networks

C. McComb
2018, Design Computing and Cognition '18

The design of a system commits a significant portion of the final cost of that system. Many computational approaches have been developed to assist designers in the analysis (e.g., computational fluid dynamics) and synthesis (e.g., topology optimization) of engineered systems. However, many of these approaches are computationally intensive, taking significant time to complete an analysis and even longer to iteratively synthesize a solution. The current work proposes a methodology for rapidly evaluating and synthesizing engineered systems through the use of deep neural networks. The proposed methodology is applied to the analysis and synthesis of offshore structures such as oil platforms. These structures are constructed in a marine environment and are typically designed to achieve specific dynamics in response to a known spectrum of ocean waves. Results show that deep learning can be used to accurately and rapidly synthesize and analyze off- shore structure.

engrXiv: 10.17605/OSF.IO/S45QM